What is Natural Cellular Defense?
Waiora’s Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) isthe original liquid zeolite and the “category creator” for zeolite products used for heath and wellness. Nearly 4 million bottles have been sold worldwide generating thousands of testimonials from satisfied customers. There is no product on the market that helps remove toxins from the body as effectively or as safely as NCD.
What are the benefits ofNatural CellularDefense?
Waiora’s Natural Cellular Defense has been clinically formulated to help support a healthy immune system,remove heavy metaltoxins and balance your body’s pH levels.* Waiora’sNatural Cellular Defense
is comprised of an activated, liquid formof a naturally‐occurring zeolite.
What are zeolites?
Naturalzeolitesform in nature as a result of a chemical reaction between volcanic lava and saline water.
Zeolites have large open spaces or cagesin theirstructuresthat form channels. These channels allow the
easy movement of ions and moleculesinto and out of the structure. This ability puts zeolitesin the class
ofmaterials known as “molecularsieves.”
There are about 40 naturally occurring zeolites and over 100 synthetic zeolites. There are three different
classes ofzeolites with varyingmolecular chemicalstructures:
• Chain‐like structures whosemineralsform acicular, or needle‐like, prismatic crystals ‐ asfound in
• Framework structures where the crystals aremore equal in dimensions ‐ asfound in chabazite.
• Sheet‐like structures where the crystals are flattened ‐ asfound in clinoptilolite.
Another unique and important fact about zeolites is that they are one of the few negatively charged
minerals found in nature. The natural properties of zeolites act as molecular sieves, or filtering agents,
that attract and trap into them positively charged atoms, ions, and compounds, and can remove them
froma system.
Which zeolite do you use fortheNatural CellularDefense?
We use naturally‐occurring clinoptilolite in Natural Cellular Defense. This particularzeolite has been used
for over 800 years in traditional medicine to improve general health. It has been widely used in its raw
form in places like India, China and Russia. In the United States, zeolites have been used in water
filtration, air purification, animal feed and even in fertilizersto keep the crops healthy. Now we’re using it
in an enhanced formusing a proprietary activation technology as a dietary supplement.
How doesNatural CellularDefense work?
The activated zeolite in Natural Cellular Defense (clinoptilolite) has a cage‐like structure with pores and
channels running through the crystal. The cage carries a net negative charge, making it one of the few
negatively charged minerals found in nature. Because of its cage like structure and negative charge, the
clinoptilolite (the zeolite in NCD) hasthe ability to draw to itself and trap within itself positively charged
heavymetals and othertoxic substances.Frequently AskedQuestions(FAQS)
What makesWaiora’sNatural CellularDefense products differentfrom other products on the market?
There is no product on the market that helps remove toxins from the body as effectively or as safely as
Natural Cellular Defense. The reason for the success is the proprietary micronization and activation
process used during the manufacturing of the product. These unique and exclusive processes ensure
Natural CellularDefense is a superior, one‐of‐a‐kind product.
Whatisthe significance ofthe micronization process?
Themicronization process begins by milling pure clinoptilolite into ultra‐fine particles. Thismilling process
reducesthe zeolite’s particle size. Thisisimportant because the smaller the size of the particle, the more
readily it can become a colloidal liquid and absorbed into the bloodstream. Our micronization process
continually groundsthe zeoliltsmaller and smaller until itreachesthe consistency of a fine powder.
Many zeolite products skip this step and simply place raw (unmicronized) zeolite into canisters or
capsules. Most commercially available zeolites measure between 2 and 40 microns. Zeolites greater than
eight (8) microns are primarily beneficial as digestive cleansers as they are far too large to allow for
absorption from the digestive tract into the bloodstream. In order to utilize the zeolite as a systemic
detoxifier,the crystals need to be reduced in size to lessthan eight(8)microns.
So what’sthe point ofthe activation process?
It is during the process that the micronized zeolite is cleaned and sterilized. This is important because
zeolites, being formed over millions of years can absorb harmful elements including metals and toxins.
Waiora proprietary activation process cleans out the cage and ensures a superior and unique product.
During the activation process,themicronized zeolite is added to purified water and heated.
A proprietary blend of natural acids are then added and heated at varioustemperatures during a 48‐hour
activation process. This activation process cleanses the zeolite—emptying the zeolite cage—ensuring no
unwanted substances are present in the final zeolite solution. The water aids in this exchange of
compounds and stabilizesthe zeolite charge. Itis during this processthatthe product becomes a colloidal
suspension, allowing the micronized zeolite particles to be suspended into an ultra‐purified water
The solution then goes through a sterilization process of extreme heating and cooling. This process
ensures that any bacteria and microbes that may be present are completely eliminated. The solution is
then heated to extreme temperatures—180 degrees and higher—which separatesthe microbesfrom the
material. Thislayer of unwantedmaterial isremoved fromthe solution.
During this process, the natural acids are continually entering and displacing any microbes and other
unwanted substances that may exist in the zeolite—further strengthening the charges of the zeolite
solution. This dual‐activation process of cleansing and sterilization cycles through over and over again
until no unwanted materials exist. The conclusion of this step yields a pristine zeolite in ultra purifies
Isthe zeolite cage compromised during micronization?
The zeolite cage cannot be “broken” no matter how small it becomes—it is indestructible. Consider a 5
carat diamond that is cut into 5 one carat stones. The structure of each carat is exactly like that of the
original five caratstone only smaller. And if that one caratstone was pulverized into dust, each tiny piece
of diamond would stillmaintain the same properties and structure ofthe original jewel.
What quality assurance measures are in place during the manufacturing ofNatural CellularDefense?
Each batch of NCD undergoesstrict quality assurance processes. This qualitative analysis ensures product
(NCD) consistency—bottle‐to‐bottle, batch‐to‐batch, year after year. These quality assurance measures
include: pHtesting,microbial analysis,trace heavymetal analysis, bulkmineral analysis andmuchmore.Frequently AskedQuestions(FAQS)
Why doesNatural CellularDefense sometimeslook,taste orsmell differently?
The activated zeolite in Natural Cellular Defense (clinoptilolite) is an all‐natural mined product. As such,
there will be some variability as to its excess mineral content. Although these are very slight variations,
they can cause great differencesin the taste,smell and color of the product. The important thing isthat
each bottlemeetslabel claim, which ongoing and recentmanufacturer and third‐party tests confirm.
Why issome ofthe producttinted brown or green?
Because the activated zeolite is a naturallyminedmineral, its pigment qualities can be affected by outside
elements—time of year, air and watermostspecifically (i.e., in the spring time,theremay bemore rain or
snow run off as opposed to the fall). The color variations ofzeolite can and do range from an off‐white/
beige color to a light green. Although these are very slight variations, they can cause great differencesin
the organoleptic properties ofthe product(color,taste and smell).
A recently tested sample ofthe product contained lessthan one (<1)microgramof iron. This was certainly
enough iron to change the color ofthe product, but not enough to have any physiological effect.
Why are other mineral products consistent, while the activated zeolite in Natural Cellular Defense may
vary from one bottle to the next?
Most multi‐mineral products use formulations of single, purified minerals. These are known quantities
that may be entirely consistent. Natural Cellular Defense uses a natural, mined product that contains
natural variations of its mineral content. While the amount of the zeolite is standardized and remains
constantin the product(thatisitmeetslabel claim),the excessmineralsmay change.
So, whatis actually in this mineral? Isitsomething thatwe can find on the periodic table?
It’s a mineral with a cage‐like structure. It’s created by aluminum and silica that are trapped in small
tetrahedra (pyramid‐like structures) created by oxygen atoms. These form 8‐sided and 10‐sided ringsthat
stack on top of each otherto formchannels. The aluminumis positively charged and the oxygen around it
is negatively charged, giving the entire molecule a net negative charge. This is a very stable compound.
For all practical purposes,thisis an invinciblemolecule.
Can the aluminum be absorbed into the body from the zeolite?
No. The aluminum in the product is at the center of a tetrahedron (it’ssurrounded by tightly‐held oxygen
atoms). It is not free to exchange into the system. So imagine you have a pyramid that’s made of oxygen
with aluminum in the center of that pyramid. It’s what they call ‘non‐exchangeable aluminum’. We have
done studies where we have found that Natural Cellular Defense increased the excretion of additional
aluminum, which meansthat the zeolite is pulling aluminum out of the body in addition to the aluminum
contained in the productitself.
Isthere any possibility ofthe aluminum being released because ofthis?
Absolutely not. The aluminum is in the middle of the tetrahedron of oxygen. So imagine you have a
pyramid that’s made of oxygen with aluminum in the center of that pyramid. It’s what they call non‐
exchangeable aluminum. Studies have been done where 100 percent of the aluminum wasrecaptured as
it came out in fecal matter and urine from the patients. Additionally, it has been found that a patient
would excrete additional aluminum, which meansthat the zeolite is pulling aluminum out of the body in
addition to the aluminumcontained in the productitself.
Who needsto takeNatural CellularDefense?
Everyone is exposed to heavy metal toxins on a daily basisin the air they breathe, the food they eat and
the water they drink. In order to remove these toxins and maintain a clean and healthy body, everyone
should take Natural Cellular Defense on a daily basis. We recommend the productfor persons 18 years of
age or older. People under the age of 18, pregnant women and children should consult their physicians
priorto use.Frequently AskedQuestions(FAQS)
Ifthere are different amounts of mineralsin the product, can it be dangerous?
No. The variations in the excess mineral content are negligible and cannot be considered as a source of
Will heat affectthe zeolite inNatural CellularDefense?
The zeolite is an extremely stable molecule that can withstand very high temperatures(over 900 degrees
Fahrenheit).Hot days will not change the product orlimitits efficacy.
Will cold alterthe productin any way?
The zeolite is completely stable at cold temperatures. Ifthe product becomesfrozen,simply defrostit and
shake itlightly before using to ensure a uniformsuspension ofthe zeolite.
Can the zeolite inNatural CellularDefense lower potassium in the body?
No. The zeolite has a very specific reactivity series. Smaller atoms with higher posit

ve charges have
greater affinity for the zeolite. Heavy metals tend to be small and highly charged while the necessary
mineralstend to be larger with lower charges. For example, arsenic has a charge of +3 and a diameter of
1.8 Angstroms. Potassium only has a charge of +1 and a comparatively large diameter of 2.8 Angstroms.
Arsenic has high affinity forthe zeolite while potassiumhas almost no affinity forthe zeolite.
How isNatural CellularDefense manufactured?
Themanufacturing facility itself is certified to be cGMP‐compliant(current‐Good Manufacturing Practices)
by the FDA. GMP is an FDA (Food & Drug Administration) term for the Quality Control and Quality
Assurance (QA/QC) procedures that are standard in the facility. This also includes training of the
personnel, storage of materials and micro‐analysis of the product. The manufacturing process takes
approximately five to seven days. Some of the finished product is sent for analysis using Thin‐Layer
Chromatography (TLC) and High‐Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). The product is also sent
through a detailed micro‐analysis, where it is evaluated for any sort of contamination (bacterial, molds,
spores, etc.). Finally,some bottlesfrom every batch are retained so that these can be tested on a future
date if it becomes necessary. We also periodically inspect the manufacturing facility and all of their batch
Why didWaiora switch manufacturersforNatural CellularDefense?
Our latest cGMP manufacturer has greater storage and production capacity, access to more R&D (for
future studies and trials), as well as a willingnessto partner closely with us as we develop future products
containing this one‐of‐a‐kind activated zeolite.
Doesthat mean the product changed?
No. The product and manufacturing processes are the same product and manufacturing processes that
have been created and overseen by its chief formulator, Rik Deitsch. Mr. Deitsch worked DIRECTLY with
the manufacturer to maintain the stringent protocols, standard operating procedures and high‐quality
standards you have come to expect.
I understand there are now twoNatural CellularDefense products, what’sthe difference.
Waiora now offers NCD and NCD2. These products are very similar. They utilize the same natural active
ingredients and manufacturing processes. One key difference between the two is the packaging. The 15
mL plastic bottle (NCD) isrobust enough to travel with you to whereverlife might take you. While the 15
mL premium glass bottle (NCD2) is ideal for daily home use. The recommended use and servings per
container are the same, only a small variance on the amount ofzeolite perserving (glass—24 mg; plastic
2.4mg). Each has a garnered praise and has earned a significant and fiercely loyalfollowing.