Colorful Crayon Lipstick Tutorial

how to make lipstick from crayonsLooking for a safe, lead-free lipstick? Look no further than your own kitchen. You can use a simple crayon to create a bountiful supply of lipstick in any imaginable color. Never again do you need to purchase high-priced lipsticks that contain questionable ingredients. Grow and multiply your lipstick collection with this easy do it yourself recipe for non-toxic crayon lipstick.

lipstick tutorial

Place ingredients in a double boiler over medium-high heat. Stir ingredients as they melt. Remove from heat once it is completely melted. Spoon liquid into a small container. Work fast because the liquid will quickly harden as it cools off. Place container into the refrigerator to cool for 10 minutes. You’ve just made the best non-toxic lipstick ever!

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lipstick tutorial
VIDEO: Click to see how to make safe, non-toxic lipstick with crayons.


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33 Responses to Colorful Crayon Lipstick Tutorial

  1. Does the lipstick stay in a solid form after the putting it in the fridge for 10 min or does it have to be permanantely store in the fridge to maintain its solid state?

  2. When using an empty lipstick tube for this recipe, the lipstick is able to be raised in the tube to apply, but it will not wind back down. Even though the tube can be twisted down, the lipstick just stays high in the tube. Any advice?

    • Hi there. The only time this has been a problem for me is when I used a lipstick tube that wasn’t working properly. It sounds like the lipstick tube you used is faulty. It has nothing to do with the recipe. Just make another batch using a lipstick tube that you know works. Thanks for watching the tutorial : )

    • I’ve never used an oil other than castor oil for the recipe. But I’m sure vegetable oil or even coconut oil would work. It may change the consistency of the the lipstick.

  3. This looks great! Any advice for making this smudge proof and long lasting? I’m in theatre, and I’d love to be able to make my own lipstick; but it needs to last without touch-ups and not smudge.

    • Hi Lili. The pigments from the crayons actually make the very long-lasting. If you want a more matte and less glossy formula just use less of the castor oil in the recipe. The more matte you make it the better it will stay in place all day without smearing. Hope this helps. Thanks for visiting my blog : )

  4. Hello! Your recipes looks really good! I just wanted to ask if you had an reactions to the castor oil? It’s a laxative correct? For that small batch of crayon lipstick, the castor oil won’t have a serious effect will it? Thanks!

    • Hi Sharon. You would have to ingest a much larger amount of castor oil for it to have a laxative effect on the body. You will not experience any type detoxing effect from using a small amount on your lips. Thanks for visiting my blog. Take care : )

  5. hello I really loved this! I was thinking if instead of a lipstick I wanted to make a tinted lip balm could I substitute the shea butter with vaseline? I’ve seen this made with lipsticks and eyeshadows but would a crayon be compatible with vaseline? kissies

    • Hi Joana. I’ve never tried making it with vaseline. However, I’ve seen comments from sevearl people that tried the recipe using vaseline and they said it turned out fine. The more oil you use in the recipe the more glossy and sheer it will turn out. Thanks for visiting my blog. Take care : )

    • Hi Rachel. If you don’t have access to shea butter, you can use cocoa butter as a suitable alternative. I don’t think you will get the right texture and consistency if you use lotion in the recipe.

  6. Almost all of these turned out wonderfully, but a few are a bit too runny because I must have added too much or too little of something. Do you have any recommendations for making these lip sticks more solid?

    • I’ve never tried any other variations of the recipe. The only way that I know of to ensure that the lipstick is solid is to use the exact measurements of ingredients.

  7. We dont HAVE shea butter. :'( and some websites say to use beeswax candle but i dont have that either. -_- what do i do???? is it OK to do it WITHOUT shea butter???????

    • You can substitute the shea butter with cocoa butter. You have to use either shea butter or cocoa butter for the lipstick to have the right texture and consistency.

    • Hi Tintin. If you made any variations to the the recipe, that is probably why it didn’t work for you. Stick with the exact ingredients and measurements for a nice creamy lipstick. Also, be sure only to use Crayola crayons. Let me know if you need more help with the recipe. Take care :)

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