Are you having fun when you’re shopping for new beauty products? Are you having more fun when you try new beauty products and they actually work? Mane ‘n Tail is going to indulge you with the opportunity for both!Enter the Mane ‘n Tail Conceived by Nature Contest and win a $100 shopping spree on the Mane ‘n Tail website.  The contest kicks off the new addition to the Mane ‘n Tail product line called Conceived by Nature.

Conceived by Nature is an all-natural, organic shampoo and conditioner that has been properly balanced with a blend of botanicals, herbs, and essential oils to give you what you want; long, strong, shiny, healthy hair.  Conceived by Nature is not just natural hair care, its natural hair care that really works.

Many people are not aware that some of the ingredients that are commonly used in beauty products can adversely affect their health.  A recent study done by the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute linked breast cancer to certain ingredients used in hair care products.  Alarming documentation such as this makes it important to choose personal care products that are free of harmful synthetic ingredients.

Mane ‘n Tail is making it easy to win a chance to try their new, all-natural hair care line.  Share your natural beauty hair care tip for a chance to shop ‘til you drop on the Mane ‘n Tail website.  The contest will run until July 22, 2011.  Visit for contest entry details.  Don’t miss out on your chance to indulge, courtesy of “The World’s Greatest Shampoo”, Mane ‘n Tail.


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