I have to admit that although I love makeup and beauty products, I am not a “girlie” girl.  When it comes to the items in my purse – they are all strictly for utility.

I prefer to keep things simple and carry only the things that I need throughout the day.  I dumped my purse to give everyone a peek at my must-have items for my busy days.

ms toi's purse


Tissues – Because accidents happen.

Bottle of Alkaline Water – These small bottles are a inconspicuous and convenient way to sip on water while I’m on the go.

Straws – I always drink juice and coffee with a straw to avoid staining my teeth.

Green Tea Drink Mix – I’ll add this to my water when I need a burst of energy.

Lara Bar – I always have a healthy snack handy for when I get the munchies.

Dental Floss – Nothing annoys me more than having something stuck in my teeth.

doTerra Peppermint Food Grade Essential Oil – A drop of this on the tongue is the best breath freshener ever.

Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Castile Soap (travel size) – Just in case I’m working late in the studio and want to remove my makeup.

Cover FX Powder Foundation – For touch-ups and the compact mirror comes in handy.

Crayon lipstick – Nope!  It’s not really Revlon.  I recycled the tube for my favorite crayon lipstick.

Boscia Green Tea Blotting Sheets – Quick fix for a shiny face.

Wallet – Where I stash my cash.  Plus, it has a little mirror so I can give myself a stern look if I try to spend too much money.

Camera – I’m constantly taking pictures for my beauty column.

Headphones – I keep them handy for my weekly radio show.

Keys – If I can’t find them, the first place I look is always my purse.


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