There is nothing new about the fact that drinking plenty of water is essential for a beautiful complexion and a healthy body.  But you may have noticed that there is a new brand of water on the market every time you go grocery shopping.    From distilled water to mineral water to vitamin-enhanced water; do you know what qualities you needin your tall drink of water?

Why Is Alkaline Water Better? lemon water to balance pH level

Choose a drinking water that is not only filtered, but also has a pH level that is alkaline.  Tap water, as well as, most purified bottled water have an acidic pH level.

Maintaining a balanced pH level inside of the body is important for health and beauty.  Most adults are overly acidic due to poor eating habits, stress, and even pollution.  Over-acidity taxes organs and body systems.  Drinking alkaline water daily is a simple way to keep the body’s pH level balanced.

Filtered alkaline water can be found in many grocery stores.  However, the purity of these brands can be compromised because they are stored in plastic bottles.  Plastic can transfer chemical toxins into the water.  The best way to get filtered alkaline water is through an at-home filtration system.  This filter turns the tap water in your home into safe, filtered, alkaline water.

 Beauty Benefits of Alkaline Water

  • Anti-aging – Alkaline water acts as an antioxidant inside of the body, therefore, reducing cellular damage and reducing the outward signs of aging.
  • Weight loss – The body stores excess fat cells to protect vital organs from acids and toxins. Alkaline water can reduce the body’s acidity and need to store excess fat cells.
  • Clear complexion – The smaller water molecules enter cells faster for enhanced hydration and delivery of nutrients.

    Ms Toi alkaline water

     I have been drinking 6 glasses of alkaline water daily for about a month.  After just two weeks I noticed that my skin was softer and my pores appeared smaller.

Ms Toi beauty benefits of alkaline water


My complexion has a healthy glow from drinking the alkaline water.  I find that I’m using less makeup because I don’t need it.   

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