Proper sun protection is an essential part of our daily beauty regimen. But choose your sunscreen wisely. Most sunscreens on the market contain ingredients that can have adverse effects on your health. These ingredients can penetrate the skin barrier in relatively large amounts, and therefore, have side effects that are more than skin-deep.

sunscreenThe most common of these potentially hazardous ingredients is oxybenzone or 4-MBC. Not only does it trigger allergic reactions, but it is also can disrupt the body’s hormonal balance.

Many sunscreens also use vitamin A in their formulations because it is an anti-oxidant that slows skin aging. This is effective for products such as night creams that are used indoors. However, results from a study conducted by the FDA showed that vitamin A (labeled as retinyl palmitate or retinol) had photocarcinogenic properties. The study showed that when used on skin exposed to sunlight there was a possibility in the development of cancerous tumors. (NTP 2009)

natural sunscreen

Aubrey Organics



The safest types of suncsreen are mineral sunscreens, such as Aubrey Organics Natural Sun SPF 30.  Mineral sunscreens use the sun-deflecting minerals, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.  They provide superior sun protection without easily penetrating the skin.     

Zinc Oxide & Titanium DioxideSun-deflecting minerals; protect from UVA/UVB rays
Organic Matcha Green TeaPowerful antioxidant; prevents free radical damage
Organic Jojoba & Sunflower OilsSmooth & moisturize


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