Max Benefits

Thrive Adaptogenics contain hundreds of beneficial bioactives, but the most potent bioactives in Thrive are iridoids. Iridoids are powerful phytochemicals produced by plants as a defense against infection and other health threats. These dynamic compounds have been scientifically proven in more than a dozen human clinical trials to provide a wide range of pharmacological benefits that safely improve the health and function of biological systems.


Healthy Circulatory Function

The bioactives found in Max naturally promote a healthy heart and circulatory system. Studies done on animals have shown that Morinda citrifolia extracts (a key ingredient found in Max) help improve blood fluidity by reducing total blood passage time.

Healthy Blood Vessels (Angiogenesis)

Initial research has found that the bioactives in Max may help the body recognize abnormal blood vessels that are promoting unhealthy cell growth and inhibit the formation and continued growth of these abnormal vessels.

Healthy Inflammatory Response

Max naturally supports a healthy inflammatory response in the body. Its powerful blend of bioactives inhibits the production of enzymes associated with unhealthy inflammation, leading to overall improvements in inflammatory and joint problems.

Fights Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs)

AGEs are destructive chemical compounds that are formed when surplus sugar molecules improperly combine with protein and lipid molecules. Thrive is a powerful AGE inhibitor and protectant. Its unique blend of bioactives helps prevent the formation of AGEs and protects against the damage they cause.

Immune System Boost

Multiple scientific studies have demonstrated the positive effects of Thrive bioactives on the immune system. One study found that healthy adults who drank the bioactives found in Max for two months experienced a 30% increase in natural killer cell activity, a major part of the immune system’s first line of defense.

Protects Against Free Radicals

The iridoids in Max are scientifically proven to be a superior source of antioxidants. They enhance utilization of glutathione—one of the major antioxidants manufactured by the body—and help it and other antioxidants function more effectively.

Enhance Healthy Brain Function

Max has also been shown to support mental clarity and improved cognitive ability in high-stress conditions. In one study, a group of mice that were given Morinda citrifolia juice (the main ingredient in Max) performed better in a cognitive stress test than mice that were not given these bioactives, suggesting that it helps protect the brain from stress-induced cognitive impairment.

Boost Energy. Improve Endurance.

Max has been shown to boost both energy and endurance naturally and without the harmful side effects associated with energy drinks and caffeine. The energy-enhancing benefit of the bioactives in Max was demonstrated in a clinical trial involving 40 highly trained long distance runners. After three weeks, athletes had an average increase of 21% in endurance.