Meet rising star, Ilhame Paris.  In the wake of the release of her debut album, she is poised and ready to take the music scene by storm.  In addition to her amazing vocal talent, you can’t help but notice her striking beauty.  I had the opportunity to interview Ms. Paris and was delighted that she was open to share her beauty secrets.  Get to know Ilhame Paris in her own words.

 Ilhame Paris interview with Ms Toi1.  What are your top natural beauty tips for staying flawless with your busy schedule on the road?

I make sure to travel with the right band – one that will understand when I need my space. I drink a lot of water, tea, take royal jelly, and have a little spoon of olive oil every morning, which is good for my vocal cords and metabolism. I try to eat healthy all of the time, but especially when on the road. I generally wear casual outfits, but something that’s still a little sexy, so I will still feel like “me” without my heels. And I always have my pillow and Snoopy “cuddle toy.”


2.  How has your cultural background influenced your beauty routine?
I would say that it’s my mom who really influenced my routine the most. She was born in Morocco and always talked to me about how to take care of my skin. As a result, I use natural products, like olive oil, which is good for your skin, hair and body, as well as Argan oil – and rose water for washing my face. She also used to cook me great food with Moroccan spices, which really gives it a special taste.Ilhame Paris interview with Ms Toi


 What can we expect from you next?

It’s important for me to do everything I do with love and honesty. I have a new single and video coming out soon – and my album this fall. And I’ll continue to spread my message in any way that I can, which is to believe in yourself and never give up. Just wish it!




Singer-songwriter Ilhame Paris (pronounced “ee-lem,” meaning “inspiration” in Arabic), will release her debut album Just Wish It in fall 2013. The album features collaborations with Nicolay (Foreign Exchange), Shafiq Husayn (Sa-Ra Creative Partners), T3 (Slum Village), rapper Big Pooh (Lil Brother), and Ky-mani Marley, a salute to the continuing legacy of Bob Marley. For more information on Ilhame, her debut album, and the “Just Wish It” movement, please visit:


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