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Hexagon™ Alkaline Hydrogen Water Filtration System

With the Hexagon Alkaline Hydrogen Water Filtration System, you can transform normal tap water into hydrogen-rich alkaline water.

Hexagon™ AromaC Spa Shower

The AromaC Spa Shower Head offers much more than conventional shower head designs. In addition to the benenfits of Alkaline water filtration, it incorporates a Vitamin C cartridge that contains aroma therapeutic essential oil and delivers the protection of Vitamin C along with relaxation benefits.

Quarter Column

For Necessary Antioxidant Protection

When you drink hydrogen water, electrons in the hydrogen team up with the extra electrons in the free radicals in your body and convert them into harmless substances that are easily excreted.  Most of the free radical become good old H2O!  This makes Hexagon water an extremely effective antioxidant.

  Helps Restore pH Balance

For greater absorbency

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