‘Tis the season to eat, drink, and be merry.  This time of year will leave you happy…but it can also leave you fat and happy if you’re not careful.  Survive the holiday marathon of parties and feasts without losing your figure.

Use this simple survival guide to help you make it through the holiday food fest without making a mark on your waistline.  These tips will help you enjoy the festivities without any “heavy” regrets.


Tip #1:  Eat a light snack of raw vegetables or a piece of fruit  just before attending a party.  This will prevent you from over-indulging by curbing your appetite.


Tip #2 Drink ice cold water throughout each day.  Your body burns extra calories from the process of bringing cold water to the body’s normal temperature.  This in effect helps keeps your metabolism in high gear.


Tip #3:  Don’t take a holiday from exercise.  Do some form of daily exercise to counter increased calorie intake.  A simple brisk walk for at least 15 minutes two times everyday can keep you winning the battle of the bulge.


Tip #4:  Take the focus off of food.  Mix in some activities into your holiday itinerary that aren’t all about food.  Try playing games, taking a walk through your neighborhood to view holiday decorations, or making crafts.


Tip #5:  Take time for rest and relaxation.  Stress from the holiday hustle and bustle can have adverse effects on your health and your weight.  It can trigger comfort eating and can also lower your immune system.  Slow down often with a good book or a long, hot bath.




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