Happy 2014!  It’s the start of the new year and time to clean up our act from holiday over-indulgence.  If you’re looking for an easy, effective, and fun workout to shed pounds – you need to get on the rebound!

Rebounding is a simple exercise done by bouncing on a trampoline.  I recently broke my arm and was forced to find a low-impact workout that would suit me during my healing process.  This is what led me to rebounding and its amazing benefits.

reboundpicWhat makes rebounding unique from other forms of exercise is that it provides an increased gravitational load (G-force) on the body which gives the body a whole-system workout.  It not only strengthens the musculoskeletal system, but also the internal organs. 

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According to N.A.S.A., rebounding is one of the best forms of exercise for the human body.  In the Journal of Applied Physiology (4915: 881-885), N.A.S.A. stated, “…for similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of bio-mechanical stimuli  is greater with jumping on a rebounder trampoline than with running…”.

The benefits of rebounding also include:

  • stimulates lymphatic drainage aiding in body detoxification
  • increases agility 
  • increases cellular respiration
  • low-impact on joints

It is suggested to bounce on a rebounder for 20-30 minutes everyday.  If you decide to add rebounding or any other form of exercise to your daily workout routine, consult with your physician beforehand.

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