Facial wrinkles tell the story of who you are.  What do your wrinkles say about you? Have you been overly stressed or is your life filled with laughter? This guide will show you what is the main cause of your wrinkles.  It will also give a few tips and tricks to help prevent their future progression.

our face tells the story of your life’s journey, and while you would never wish that journey away, you wish for the measures that can be taken to help your skin look and feel more youthful. You find yourself staring at your face up-close in the mirror using your index finger to lift certain parts of your face. As your finger leaves your lifted skin, reality sets in as gravity plays its part on your wrinkles making them seem like more of a reality than ever.  Before you let despair sink in, remember all of the laughing, smiling, and sunny days at the beach that helped contribute to the current state of your skin.  FOREHEAD LINES  Forehead Lines show that you are adventurous and love the outdoors. You’re inclined to seek out activities with an adrenaline rush. They are caused by sun exposure and reinforced by eyebrow raising facial expressions. Tips to help forehead lines are to up the antioxidant intake and consume an ample amount of water.   CROW’S FEET  Crow’s Feet show that you are a hard working individual that is fueled by curiosity. You pay attention to detail and tend to be a perfectionist. They are Caused by squinting. Tips to help Crow’s Feet are to try sleeping on your back to alleviate skin pulling around the eyes and Wear sun glasses and eye glasses (if needed) to minimize squinting   NASOLABIAL FOLDS  Nasolabial Folds (or Smile/Laugh Lines) show that you are very optimistic and always look at the positive side of things. People enjoy being around you. They are caused by Ptosis: (falling) of cheek fat and repetitive smiling/laughing reinforces the visibility of the lines. A tip for reducing nasolabial folds is to apply lemon juice to the lines. The acidity tightens the skin.   GLABELLAR LINES  Glabellar Lines (or Frown Lines) show that you are stubborn and have a hard time letting things go. Stress often gets the best of you. They are caused by sun exposure and reinforced by negative or stressful facial expressions A tip to reduce glabellar lines is to reduce caffeine intake. Caffeine can act as a diuretic that contributes to dehydration.   LIP LINES  Lip Lines show that you are a hopeless romantic. You love being around people and enjoy listening to music. They are Caused by sun exposure and reinforced by drinking through straws, whistling, and giving sweet kisses! A tip to help alleviate lip lines is to apply a topical vitamin C. This will stimulate collagen production and protect against UVA and UVB rays  SUN, AGING, AND FACIAL EXPRESSIONS  Sun, aging, and facial expressions play the largest factors in your wrinkle fate. While you can’t stop aging, and you should never stop smiling and laughing, you can certainly use a high SPF sunscreen, limit sun exposure and eliminate those negative facial expressions!


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