food grade essential oilsConsider essential oils as nature’s original beauty treatment.  Essential oils have been used for their beautifying properties since ancient times.  Today, most of our beauty products use synthetic chemical ingredients instead of essential oils to treat beauty issues.  Go back to beauty basics and use essential oils instead of toxic beauty products.  Use this as a guide to learn how to use essential oils in your beauty routine.

What Is Essential Oil?
An essential oil is the liquid extracted from plant materials by steam distillation or expression.  Essential oils are effective at treating various beauty issues including acne, eczema, minor burns, dull hair, and dandruff.  They also work well to balance oily skin and oily hair since they do not leave an oily residue.

It is important to use the purest form of essential oils.  Many on the market are processed with synthetic ingredients while others are simply synthetic fragrance oils.  Certified organic food grade essential oils are the purest type of essential oils.

Since they are extremely concentrated, essential oils are usually used by mixing it with a carrier oil, such as coconut oil or almond oil.  However, they can also be used alone to spot treat an area.


certified organic food grade essential oils

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Must Have Essential Oils:

1.  Lavender Oil – use to treat dry skin and to speed healing of minor burns; add to skin and hair treatments for soothing and antiseptic properties

2. Peppermint Oil – use in scalp treatments for toning effect; use in baths for sore muscles; use to freshen breathe (*only with food grade); anti-inflammatory properties

3. Lemon Oil – use to relieve acne; for shiny hair add to hair treatments; antibacterial properties 
4. Clary Sage Oil – use on skin for anti-wrinkling properties
5. Oregano Oil – use to soothe rashes, skin irritations, and relieve itching; anti-fungal healing properties
6. Geranium Oil –use to balance oily skin; astringent properties

7. Rose Oil – use for skin softening properties
8. Rosemary Oil – use in skin and hair treatments for purifying properties; stimulates hair growth, encourages blood circulation

9. Tea Tree Oil – use to treat acne; add to hair treatments to treat dandruff; antiseptic and germicidal properties

10. Ylang Ylang Oil – use to soothe sensitive skin

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