Attention lip balm lovers! How many times do you reapply your lip balm in a day?  If it is more times than you can remember, this could be a case of the urban myth known as the lip balm addiction.

The skin on the lips is extremely thin, making them more vulnerable to the drying effects of the weather.  A lip balm comes to the rescue by providing lips with protection from the elements and sealing in moisture.  However, the quest for relief can turn into a cycle of dependency if you’re not mindful of the ingredients that your lip balm is made of.

Lip balms are typically made of emollients to soften lips and wax to create a moisture barrier.  Beware when you run into ingredients such as camphor, cetyl alcohol, menthol, phenol, and salicylic acid.  These ingredients are usually added to the formula for medicinal purposes such as treating cold sores. However, ingredients such as these can defeat the main purpose of using a lip balm.  

Although they may provide a temporary soothing sensation, it is only a matter of time before they evaporate leaving lips even more dry and chapped.  Long-term use of lip balms containing these drying agents can also cause lips to peel making the skin thinner and less able to naturally protect against the elements.

Shea butter is an excellent all-natural alternative to a lip balm.  It works as a perfect substitute because of its wax-like consistency and healing properties.  Choose wisely to prevent your lip balm love from turning into a lip balm addiction.


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