Antiperspirants are the no-brainer solution to smelling shower-fresh all day. But antiperspirants can also have some literal no-brainer effects. Some medical studies have linked aluminum, the active ingredient in antiperspirants, to adverse effects on the brain.Antiperspirants are regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).  However, this should not deter your level of caution, especially since most people use antiperspirant on a daily basis.

The accumulation of aluminum in the body can have potential harmful effects on your brain and how it functions.  “Aluminum causes an oxidative stress within brain tissue”, according to various medical studies .  “Some experts believe it plays a role in leading to the formation of Alzheimer-like neurofibrillary tangles.” 

Going without protection against body odor is not an option.  However, making a healthier choice is an option.  Check out the video below for an easy recipe to make an effective deodorant made from natural, non-toxic ingredients.  It provides long-lasting odor protection without the use of harsh ingredients.






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