Pore strips are quick-fix to get rid of blackheads, however, they are not the best-fix.  Blackheads are the result of the bacteria in clogged pores reacting to oxygen (a process called oxygenation).  While pore strips can be effective at removing blackheads, they can damage delicate facial skin.

Pore strips work by tightly adhering to the skin and as they are removed, the debris is pulled out of the pores.  This harsh action can cause broken capillaries, skin irritation, and redness.

Pay attention to the strong warning on your package of pore strips.  It will caution you that pore strips should not be used on any area other than the nose and not to use them on inflamed, swollen, sunburned, or excessively dry skin.  In addition, some of the ingredients used in pore strips can cause further skin irritation.

Pore strips can work for an emergency blackhead bailout.  But do not make them a part of your regular routine to avoid damaging your skin.  The best solution is to follow a thorough cleansing routine to keep blackheads at bay.


Tips to Prevent Blackheads:

  • Cleanse:  Wash face twice a day; in the morning and before bed.  Use a facial cleanser that contains salicylic acid.  Salicylic acid penetrates the skin and removes the build-up of dead skin cells inside the pores.


  • Exfoliate:  Gently exfoliate face two to three times a week to prevent a build-up of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin.


  • Mask:  Deep cleanse pores with a clay mask once a week.  Clay masks absorb excess oil and is suitable for both dry and oily skin types.


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