Underarm hygiene is of the upmost importance during the hot, sweaty summer months. Underarm hygiene includes hair removal, skincare, and the prevention of odorShaving and using an antiperspirant are the common remedies for these issues.  But if you are concerned with the appearance of your underarms; these remedies can be more of a problem to your underarm hygiene needs.

Problem #1:  Shaving

  • Shaving only removes hair from the surface of the skin.  Hairs left just below the skin’s surface can still be visible; making underarms appear darker.
  • Frequent shaving can lead to skin irritation which causes the skin to form a layer of dead skin cells.  This layer can cause underarm skin to appear darker.

The Solution:  Sugar Hair Removal

Sugar hair removal is a gentler, all-natural alternative to shaving, chemical depilatories, and waxing.  It not only removes unwanted hair, but it also removes the layer of dead skin cells.  Best of all, the results lasts for 4 to 6 weeks.

Problem #2:  Using Antiperspirants

  • Antiperspirants contain harsh ingredients that can react to body chemistry and cause underarm skin discoloration.
  • The active ingredient in antiperspirants is aluminum which has been linked to the development of breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease by some scientific studies.

The Solution:  Natural Deodorants

There are healthier alternatives to prevent underarm perspiration and odor.   Visit a health food store to find natural deodorants that do not contain toxic ingredients.  Also, watch my video tutorial to learn how to make your own natural deodorant made from apple cider vinegar, a salt deodorant crystal, essential oils, baking soda, and cornstarch.

prevent dark underarms

Video: Learn how to make your own natural deodorant


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