Skin lighteners are a toxic fix for acne scars and an uneven complexion.   Skin lightening products commonly contain the active ingredient, hydroquinone.  Medical studies have shown that hydroquinone is a carcinogen.

Hydroquinone has been banned in Europe because it poses high risks of developing leukemia and genetic damage (Toxic Beauty, Dr. Samuel S. Epstein, 2009).  Avoid the risk by using a natural solution that can effectively lighten dark spots without the hazardous side effects.

Potatoes are one of nature’s solutions for lightening skin and fading dark spots.  Their natural bleaching properties help to even out complexion by reducing hyperpigmentation.  The high content of vitamin C in potatoes also helps to improve complexion by encouraging turnover of skin cells.


  potato skin lightener           Potato Skin Lightener

Cut five thin slices of a raw potato.  Mash potato slices into a paste using a heavy-duty food processor such as a VitaMix.  Apply the paste onto face after cleansing.  Leave for 15 minutes.  Rinse away with warm water.  Do this once daily until you have desired results.

*For best results cut fresh slices of potato for each use.  The potato slices and/or paste will lose valuable enzymes and nutritional properties if not used immediately after preparing it.

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