Soft, smooth, even-toned skin is the best accessory for your barely-there summer attire.  But if your knees and elbows resemble leather patches; this is a beauty dilemma that can prevent you from dressing for the weather.

Improper hygiene and lack of grooming are the main causes for the skin on knees and elbows to become dark and coarse.  Give your knees and elbows extra care by using these tips to keep them summer-ready


The skin crevices on the knees and elbows attract dirt and the build-up of dead skin cells.  Exfoliating twice a week is imperative to prevent skin hyperpigmentation.  Use a loofah or a body scrub to gently exfoliate areas.



The skin on the knees and elbows have fewer oil glands than other parts of the body.  A heavy-duty moisturizer such as shea butter or olive oil is a must to keep these areas soft and supple.  Massage onto knees and elbows twice daily; in the morning and before bed.

                                                                                    Ttreat with lemonREAT

Kneeling and leaning on surfaces creates friction on knees and elbows that can result in darkening of the skin.  Treat skin with a lemon three to four times each week.

The natural bleaching properties of the lemon juice and chamomile essential oil can lighten skin over a period of time with consistent use.  Rub fresh lemon juice on knees and elbows.  Leave for 15 minutes.  Wipe areas with a warm, damp washcloth.   Apply a few drops of chamomile essential oil onto areas.  Moisturize as usual.






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