A bane of hair removal is the inevitable ingrown hair.  They are irritating and sometimes painful.  In some cases, they can become infected; a condition known as folliculitis.Prevention is your best remedy.  It is best to deal with ingrown hairs before they occur.  You can greatly reduce the chances of developing ingrown hairs by adding these simple steps to your hair removal regimen. 

1.  EXFOLIATE – It is important to keep hair follicles clean and free of dead skin cellsClogged follicles will block hair from growing back through it resulting in an ingrown hair.  Exfoliate lightly just before hair removal and every 2-3 days after hair removal.

2.  APPLY ANTISEPTIC PRODUCT – You are more susceptible to the bacteria on the surface of your skin after hair removal.  Keep bacteria at bay by applying an antiseptic product such as tea tree oil immediately after hair removal.  It is also a good idea to continue to apply daily to keep bacteria from developing.

3.  AVOID PORE CLOGGING PRODUCTS – It is best not to use lotions and creams that contain pore clogging ingredients such as mineral oil.  Clogged pores are a sure recipe for developing ingrown hairs.  Stick with skin care products with natural ingredients.

4.  AVOID SHAVING – Shaving greatly increases the chances of developing ingrown hairs.  The razor causes hairs to have sharp edges which grow back into the skin instead of through the hair follicle.  Use a different method of hair removal such as sugar hair removal to help prevent ingrown hairs.




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