Scars and stretch marks happen to us all.  Although, the general expert consensus is that there is no proven remedy that will erase scars and stretch marks completely; it is possible to fade them with the right treatment, technique, and timing.

According to Los Angeles based dermatologist, Dr. Ronald Moy, scars and stretch marks respond best to treatment when they are new.  It is best to act fast in order to have the best chance at fading scars and stretch marks.  The older a scar or stretch mark is the more difficult it will be to fade them.

Keeping the affected area moisturized and stimulating cellular regeneration are also necessary to fade scars and stretch marks.  Apply aloe vera gel and rose hip oil to keep the skin amply moisturized.  Aloe vera gel has powerful healing properties for the skin.  Rose hip oil is high in vitamin C which aids cellular regeneration.

Scars result from trauma to the top layer of the skin, whereas, stretch marks result from tears to the middle layer of the skin.  To target stretch marks in particular, it is helpful to treat them with an essential oil.  

Essential oils have a small molecular structure which allows them to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin.  Applying orange essential oil to scars and stretch marks provides deep penetrating moisture and aids in the production of collagen.

Massaging these items into the skin is also useful in fading scars and stretch marks.  The technique of massage stimulates the turnover of new skin cells.

Watch my video & see how I layer these items on my skin to treat my scars & stretch marks

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