Beauty products and beauty treatments can cost a pretty penny.  Your wallet will suffer even more if you use natural and organic beauty products.  However, with a little ingenuity you can cut your beauty expenses.  Learn how to put some of the items in your kitchen on double-duty to create natural and effective must-haves for your beauty routine.

  • Cut Costs On Hair Removal:

Grab the sugar for an economical alternative to remove unwanted hair.  Sugar hair removal is gentle with long-lasting results  The simple recipe is made from sugar, lemon juice, and water.   Sugaring is a great way to avoid the chemicals in depilatories and wax and avoid the nicks and ingrown hairs from shaving.

See my complete tutorial on the sugar hair removal recipe and application.         


  • Cut Costs On Facials:

Keep your gorgeous complexion in mind as you make your next grocery list.  You can whip up an effective facial mask treatments from ingredients such as yogurt, bananas, oatmeal, and honey. Your skin issues can change periodically.  You may need to treat an acne breakout one week; while you may need to brighten a dull complexion another week.  Homemade facials allow an economical flexibility to tweak ingredients to fit your skin’s specific needs week to week.  

Try some of my favorite homemade masks.


  • Cut Costs On Teeth Whiteners:

There’s no need to spend an arm and a leg to achieve a pearly white smile.  Most teeth whitening products contain baking soda and hydrogen peroxide as their active ingredients.  Cut out the middle-man and make your own whitening paste with a mix of your household baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.  You can also add lemon juice to your paste for its natural bleaching properties.

Learn more tips on how to whiten and brighten your teeth naturally.


  • Cut Costs On Makeup Remover:

There are two ways to remove your makeup on a budget.  The first way is to break out the olive oil.  It nourishes the skin while leaving it without a trace of makeup.  Massage about a teaspoon all over face before you wash.  The second way is for those who prefer using makeup remover wipes.  You can easily make your own makeup remover wipes with a few household and all-natural ingredients. 

Watch my tutorial on do-it-yourself makeup remover wipes.  



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