Go to bed without removing your makeup and you’ll be committing one of the worst makeup sins.  Your complexion may not be too forgiving for such a mistake.  Makeup remover wipes are the holy grail for nights when you’re too exhausted for a scrub with soap and water.Most brands of makeup remover wipes contain synthetic ingredients such as preservatives and artificial fragrances.  So, you’re actually wiping as much onto your face as you’re trying to wipe off.  Make your own makeup remover wipes with this simple recipe using all-natural ingredients and sin against your skin no more.


2 cups distilled water

1 Tablespoon castile soap

2 Tablespoons olive oil

10-15 drops tea tree oil (therapeutic food-grade)


1 roll of paper towels (only use thick, heavy duty sheets)

large plastic container with lid

measuring cup




Unroll paper towels.  Fold each sheet at perforated edges.  Cut sheets straight down the middle.  Mix all ingredients together in plastic container.  Place lid onto container and shake vigorously until ingredients are well-blended.  Place paper towels into container and let sit until sheets are completely saturated with solution.  Store in refrigerator when not in use to prevent growth of bacteria and mold.

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