Are things looking a bit pale as the winter season approaches?  A great bronzer can make all the difference and warm up your winter look.

cocoa Choosing the right bronzer for your skin tone can be tricky.  I discovered that the best bronzer I have ever used happened to be in my kitchen cabinet.  Pure cocoa powder is the perfect rich brown matte shade without any orange or grey undertones.  The universal shade works for a wide variety of skin tones.

Using nutrient-rich cocoa as a cosmetic will literally keep your skin beaming with a healthy glow.  You can use pure cocoa as a loose powder bronzer or you can add it to your favorite moisturizer to make to a bronzing cream.  This do it yourself chocolate bronzer will help you keep a sun-kissed golden glow all year long.arrow


Cocoa’s skin-loving nutrients:

 Sulfur –  supports the skin’s natural metabolism

Antioxidants –  aids in repairing damaged skin



Since I was on the subject of chocolate, I couldn’t resist a visit to one of my favorite places.  I went to Godiva to treat myself to the most luxurious chocolate in the world!  Special thanks to the staff at Godiva Chocolatier at Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, GA for their warm welcome!  100_6627[1]100_6628[1]


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