Just because the cold weather has you showing less skin is no reason to slack up on basic grooming such as exfoliation and hair removal.  In fact, the harsh effects of the cold winter weather makes skin care more necessary than ever.  Body sugaring can help with your winter weather skin care.

Skin that is rough, dry, and scaly results from the buildup of dead skin cells.  Without regular exfoliation this buildup will prevent even the most heavy duty moisturizer from doing its job.

sugaring hair removal by Ms Toi as seen on YouTube

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Letting your unwanted body hair grow out will allow the hair follicle roots to strengthen.  This will make hair removal not only more tedious, but more painful when bikini season returns.  

Sugaring is an easy, gentle, all-natural solution to maintain soft smooth skin all winter long.  The recipe and procedure are so simple that you can do it yourself. 


Benefits of Sugaring

  • – removes unwanted body hair with minimal pain
  • – remove impurities and dead skin cells
  • – rejuvenates skin






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