There is a holy-grail to achieving a flawless complexion, a healthy body weight, and a youthful appearance.  This holy-grail involves cleaning up your act through body detoxification.  Eliminating excess toxins from the body is fundamental to maintaining impeccable beauty and optimal health.  Detoxing is beneficial for anyone because it is impossible to avoid the adverse effects of toxins.

We are constantly exposed to toxins through:

Toxins vs. Your Body

It is difficult for our bodies to eliminate toxins at the same rate that we are exposed to them.  This results in a toxic overload.  Common disorders, in many cases, are signs that we are experiencing a toxic overload.

These conditions include skin disorders (i.e., acne, psoriasis), allergies, weight gain, headaches, digestive issues, and low energy.  These conditions occur as the body’s eliminating organs become overwhelmed with the excess toxins.  Reduce your exposure to toxins to look and feel your best.

Tips to reduce toxic overload on your health and beauty:

  • use personal care products made from natural ingredients
  • use natural products for household cleaning (i.e., hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, baking soda)
  • install water filters to eliminate chlorine in bath and shower
  • drink distilled water
  • avoid junk food and processed foods
  • eat organic produce to avoid pesticides
  • add zeolite to your daily diet to gently remove heavy metals and toxins from the body



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