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Are winter’s drying ways getting you down? Have you noticed itching, redness, chapping, flaking, peeling and other symptoms of dryness, despite the fact that your skin is normal or even oily at other times of the year?

Newsflash: it’s not just you. Many people suffer from seasonal dryness brought on by humidity drops and increased thermostat use. Luckily, you can combat dry skin with simple tips, as outlined by Pureskintone.com’s handy infographic:


1. Use sunscreen to protect you from harsh UV rays … yes, even in winter.

2. Switch out your moisturizer for an oil-based formula, which protects skin better in winter than water-based alternatives.

3. Find suitable winter products, including hydrating facial masks (rather than their drying clay counterparts) and milk-like cleansers.

4. Avoid red-hot baths and showers, which deplete moisture, and minimize time spent in hot water.

5. Use a mild glycerin soap instead of harsher products.

6. Exfoliate once a week to remove flakey dead skin.

7. Reapply moisturizer to your body, face and hands after every wash.

8. Avoid cranking the thermostat, which sucks humidity from the air and moisture from your skin. Put on a sweater instead!

9. Wear gloves to protect hands from winter’s moisture-zapping cold.

10. See a specialist if you follow these steps to no avail. It could be you’re dealing with a deeper problem and need specialized help.

See? Beating winter dryness isn’t so hard. Follow these steps for smoother, calmer, more nourished skin.

Article Written By: Chelsea Mason

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