Have you ever been stuck wearing a pair of uncomfortable shoes?  The experience is nothing less than foot torture.  I recently found myself in this painful predicament which led to my discovery of a very portable quick fix to relieve my tortured feet.

In my moment of desperation, I remembered that I had a bottle of peppermint essential oil in my purse.  I had used it from time to time to sooth stress headaches, so I figured that it could possibly soothe my aching feet.  

My guess was right!  I massaged the peppermint oil (which I had previously diluted in an atomizer of distilled water) onto my feet and ankles and within about ten minutes I was back on my feet.  I learned two lessons that day:  never wear that horrible pair of shoes again and peppermint oil provides fast relief for tired, aching feet.



Peppermint essential oil is such an effective remedy for pain and discomfort because it contains a high percentage of menthol.   Menthol works by attaching to particular receptor sites within the body to produce a numbing effect.  Menthol also works within the body to relieve inflammation.

An easy way to use the peppermint oil for this modality is to dilute it distilled water and apply it using a small spray bottle or atomizer.  This also makes it portable convenient to use.  

Watch the video below & see how I use the DIY peppermint oil spray.

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