Highlights are the trend for gorgeous summer hair.  Foil highlighting has been the traditional technique to get salon quality results.  However, there is a French technique of highlighting, called balayage, that not only gives amazing results, but is also healthier for your hair.

Highlighting hair typically entails the use of harsh chemicals.  As these chemicals remove the pigment from your hair, they also weaken the fibers that keep hair strong.  Highlighting can leave your hair weaker, more dull, and with more split ends.

The balayage technique can work on any hair color.  Highlights are applied with paintbrush strokes from the base to the tips of the hair.  The color is applied lightly at the base and heavily at the tips.  The process results in highlights that resemble the look of hair that is naturally lightened by the sun.

How Balayage Reduces Damage from Highlighting:

  • Because hair is not covered in foil, the lightening chemicals do not penetrate deeply into the strands, so it helps maintain hair fibers.


  • Because of the natural-looking streaks, the roots grow out without being obvious, so frequent touch-ups are not necessary.


  • Because hair is not processed under a heat lamp, this technique reduces heat-related damage.  A cotton ball is placed underneath each painted section of hair and then covered in cling wrap to allow the dye to develop.

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