Research by eMarketer shows that the total number of smartphone users will total 1.75 billion by the end of this year, and that smartphone adoption will continue on a fast-paced trajectory until 2017.  People now use their smartphones to manage much of their daily lives, including work and play.  AlchemyBet,operator of mobile gaming service Pocket Fruity, says that most gamers now spend 46% of their gaming time on mobile phones – a statement backed up by the International Business Times, whose research revealed that people are now spending more time on their phones than on their computers.

Smartphones have also brought beauty to everyone’s fingertips.  Apps have provided easy access to all things about beauty.  There are apps that provide quick skincare tips, teach you to do your own makeup, and even give you a makeover.  

Here are some of the best apps on the market for the Beauty Geek on the go:

1. Natural Beauty Tips                                                                    

In the past few years, natural beauty regimens have become much more popular, with more people becoming aware of the adverse effects of chemical-ridden makeup. The Natural Beauty Tips app has a database of skincare tips and recipes for home skincare remedies; all updated on a daily basis.



2. mySkin: Skincare Advice 

Any woman who’s ever experimented with different skincare products will tell you that using the wrong products can actually damage your skin. The creators of the mySkin app for iPhone has a database of the best skincare products, filtering them based on user recommendations and skincare type.  So, you’ll never have to worry about which products to use again.



3. Virtual Makeover screen568x568 (1)
Ever wanted to know what you would look like with a certain shade of lipstick or with a certain style of eyeliner? The VirtualMakeover app will show you.  Users can upload a picture and automatically map their face to pinpoint the lips, eyes, nose, and cheeks.  Users can then select a variety of makeup styles to apply to their photograph to see which looks work best for them!

Do you have any other favorite apps? Got any beauty tips to share? Let us know in the comments below!


Article written by Christine Lindon

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