Getting a flawless look is still very much a work in progress for many of us.  Thank goodness for beauty magazines and beauty blogs with their ever useful tips and tricks.  In this guest blog post beauty expert, Brenda Lyttle, gives her professional advice on the necessary tools for a perfect makeup application.


Olay, MAC, Maybelline, The Body Shop – Your makeup bag is stacked with the best beauty products in the market.  But when it comes to applying these products, do you often feel that you do not have the right tool to get the best effect from your cosmetics?  If yes, then below you can find  must-have makeup tools to achieve that flawless finish.

1.  Brush Kit

Makeup brushes vary in size, function, and material. It may take some experimenting to find brushes that best suit your makeup requirements.  The most economical way to experiment is to purchase a brush kit.  A basic brush kit usually will contain a variety of brushes.  Bristles can be made from natural sable, horsehair, or synthetic fibers.  Be sure you check what your makeup brush bristles are from to avoid any allergic reaction.


2. Foundation Brush

Often made from synthetic fibers, a foundation brush helps ensure that your foundation application is even, light, and natural looking.


3.  Powder Brush

This is ideal to apply loose powder without it creasing in wrinkles and fine lines. It can also be used to add a light stroke of color on the cheekbones to give a natural blush.


4.  Q-tips

This versatile tool is useful to remove excess makeup around the lips and eyes.  Use them to fix the eyeliner smears, to apply concealer to hide a pimple, or even be use it to sweep on eyeshadow.


Written By Brenda Lyttle

Brenda Lyttle is a beauty expert who began writing for publications in her community in 2005 and now commands an authority in writing on  beauty tips, anti-aging, and wrinkle cream.


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