How confident are you in your skin?  Supermodel, Emme, is spreading a message about beauty that is more than skin deep.  Emme is a pioneer and icon in the fashion industry as a successful full-figured model. 

She is breaking new ground again as a green living expert and women’s advocate.  Emme is on a mission to educate women that true beauty is achieved through self-acceptance and self-love.

In a society obsessed with media driven ideals of beauty, it is only natural to listen when a beauty icon, such as a supermodel, has something to say. “Research has shown that eighty percent of women are unhappy with how they look”, stated Emme.  Named as one of People magazine’s 50 most beautiful people in 1994 and 1999, she is taking action to promote her message by raising women’s awareness of healthy lifestyle options through her new ventures.

Emme is also working to promote positive self-image among women by creating a network to connect women worldwide.  Her website, EmmeNation provides an online forum support and resource for women.  Emme is also taking her mission on the road with her Whole You National Tour.  The tour will showcase speakers sharing her message of self-acceptance.

Emme’s passionate mission is the culmination of her own journey to self-acceptance.  She has braved the challenges of being a woman with curves in an industry where the stick-thin ideal is an unrealistic representation of most women.  She has also braved the challenges of a life-threatening battle with lymphatic cancer.  Emme is a triumphant survivor and an example of the true beauty that results from self-love.

supermodel Emme beauty tip

Video: Emme shares an easy tip for healthy beauty

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