The most envied beauty icons are using beauty treatments, such as, mud (YUCK!), placenta (UGH!), and even bird poop (NO WAY!!!).  But have you heard about using sludge?  Well, N-VIRO is using sludge as a beauty treatment that could help save our world.

N-VIRO is a Toledo, Ohio based company that is committed to sustaining the beauty and health of the environment. With global attention on the environment, developing efficient, sustainable conservation environmental solutions have become pressing issues.

N-VIRO’s leading-edge processes have yield alternative fuel technology and advanced fertilizer products. These products are derived from organic wastes. N-VIRO is offering a facelift to the environment with its ability to turn waste to energy and other viable products.

 With their patented techniques of treating sewer sludge, N-VIRO is able to convert billions of tons of waste (yes, I said BILLIONS) into usable products.  According to N-VIRO’s Company Profile,” the annual U.S. sludge management market totals approximately $7-8 billion and the volume of sewage sludge is expected to rise 3-5% annually in the U.S. as a result of stricter wastewater treatment requirements.”   There are many environmental issues facing us as a result of these trends.

 N-VIRO’s commitment is to meet these environmental challenges with cutting edge innovations. They are turning waste products into valuable, usable, end products that offer alternative and renewable energies, and providing cost effective fertilizers.

 If you care about true beauty and health you must care about the environment.  Not just for you, but for our children and grandchildren. We all must do our part in the effort to keep our world beautiful.  I guess a “bird poop facial” could count, but Lilikoi Looks recommends that you support and take a closer look at N-VIRO CLICK HERE

The “EYES HAVE IT”.  N-VIRO gets our vote.

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