A glimmer of light in the dark tunnel of cancer has shown for women facing the distress of hair loss as a result of chemotherapy Cold cap therapy has made it possible for women to keep their crown of glory while undergoing chemotherapy.  This therapy has been in use in Europe for fifteen years.  Patients in the U.S. have begun to utilize it just within the last few years.

Cold cap therapy works by using special caps frozen to a very cold temperature and worn for a period of time before, during, and after each chemotherapy treatment.  The cooling of the hair follicles prevents the chemotherapy toxins from reaching them.  This results in preserving the follicles and the patient’s hair.

At the forefront of this cause is a non-profit organization called The Rapunzel Project.   The organization was founded by two women who both had to personally face the fears of breast cancer.  They have been dedicated to helping chemotherapy patients keep their hair.  The organization is working to facilitate the use of cold cap therapy by helping hospitals purchase freezers that make the treatment more manageable for patients.

Click here to see the recent Good Morning America feature on The Rapunzel Project and cold cap therapy.  To learn more about The Rapunzel Project visit their website at www.rapunzelproject.org .       Also, stay updated on all things related to healthy beauty by subscribing to the Lilikoi Looks YouTube Channel.

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