The last days of summer mark the start of basil harvest season. The aromatic herb is mainly used as a culinary ingredient. However, research published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science showed that basil can also be used as an ingredient for beauty.

The 2006 study stated that the antibacterial properties of basil were effective at eliminating acne-causing bacteria.  Other research has suggested that acne breakouts could clear up after applying basil to the skin for eight weeks.  The scientific evidence makes basil a likely option for those seeking a natural alternative to over the counter acne treatments.basil

One of the easiest ways to benefit from the acne-fighting properties of basil is to use fresh leaves to make to skin toner.  For an all-natural solution for breakouts and blemishes pick up some fresh, organically grown basil leaves and try this simple do it yourself skin toner recipe.

 Notes of caution before you use basil as a skin treatment:

  • Basil can mimic estrogen inside the body.  It is advised that anyone pregnant or breast-feeding to avoid using basil.  Consult with physician before using basil or anything containing basil.
  • Always do a patch test before trying a new product.  Natural items can be very volatile and cause an allergic reaction.  Click here to learn how to do an effective patch test


    Items Needed:

    1 cup distilled water

    handful of fresh, organic basil

    medium stainless steel pot

    mortar and pestle


    4 oz bottle


    Use mortar and pestle to crush basil leaves.  Crush until the natural oils and liquids are released from the leaves.  Heat water to boiling point and then immediately remove it from heat.  Add crushed basil into hot water.  Let steep for about 20 minutes.  Strain basil from liquid.  Pour liquid into 4 oz bottle for convenient use.  This natural toner will last for one week.  The shelf life can be extended an additional week by keeping it refrigerated between uses.  Using a cotton ball, apply toner to skin twice daily after cleansing and before moisturizing skin.

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