Crayon Lipstick DIY Kit

Ms Toi’s Do-It-Yourself Crayon Lipstick Kit is the healthier way to enjoy your lipstick. 

This Lead-Free formula is safe for all ages. 

This moisturizing blend of oils and essential oils makes a creamy, luxurious, vibrant lipstick. 

This simple kit makes a perfect gift idea. 

Kits include everything you will need to make 5 tubes of lipstick! The 4 crayons can be used separately or blended to create your own custom shades.

Complete with basic instructions. For more detailed tutorial checkout

Ms Toi’s Crayon Lipstick Tutorial

Crayon Lipstick DIY Kits$25.00

Kit Includes:

5 premeasured oil package

4 crayons

5 lipstick tubes

1 vial of food grade peppermint essential oil

1 dropper

Complete Instructions