Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States.  According to the American Academy of Dermatology, a growing number of people of all ages have acne and dermatologists are not sure why.  However, some studies suggest that our acne epidemic may be the result of our toxic environment.

Simple items that are a part of our daily lives such as cosmetics, household detergents, plastic water bottles, etc. commonly contain harmful chemicals called xenoestrogens.  We are constantly exposed to these xenoestrogens.  When these chemicals enter our bodies they mimic the natural human hormone, estrogen.  As xenoestrogens build up in the body, the result is a hormone imbalance known as estrogen dominance.


Estrogen dominance can have many negative side effects on human health.  Estrogen dominance adversely effects both men and women.  These side effects can include a wide range of issues such weight gain, headaches, insomnia, depression, and cancer.  One of these negative side effects can also be acne.


It is impossible to completely avoid xenoestrogens, so the next best thing is to find a way to eliminate them from our bodies before they build up. The liver is responsible for processing estrogen and filtering out any excess estrogen.  However, due to the overload of exposure to toxins from the environment it is beneficial to support the liver in the process.

Estro-Block-ProNutritional supplementation can aid the body in maintaining hormone balance and thereby get rid of acne.  Dr. Nick Delgado has formulated a nutritional supplement sourced from raw whole foods for this specific purpose, called EstroBlock Pro.  This product works by removing xenoestrogens from the body, restoring hormone balance, and restoring a clear acne-free complexion.  


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