Here’s some interesting news for all of you with a makeup addiction.  You may not need an addiction rehab or a12 step rehabilitation program after all.  Your so-called makeup addiction is actually a matter of science.  Taking your Chanel Red lipstick out of the daily rotation could have dire effects on your life.  Whether you’re trying to find your soulmate, land your dream job, or simply get help reaching something on the top shelf at the market; needless to say,  looking your best does help in getting the mission accomplished.



According MSNBC article,The Truth About Makeup, behavioral biologist, Bernard Fink, states that “cosmetics enhance attractiveness in a quantifiable and real-world relevant way”.   The flawless face that you achieve each day may not be all about vanity, it is simply survival of the fittest.  Check out The Truth About Makeup.

Also, let us know how you feel about this topic of discussion by taking our poll.  So, no more guilty feelings for buying yet another $60 bottle of foundation, its all a necessity.

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