With summer in full blaze, it is a bit redundant to remind you of the importance of protecting your skin from the sun.  Overexposure to the sun is the number one cause of extrinsic aging of the skin and it also greatly increases the risk of developing skin cancer.

Most of us answer to the sun by slathering on SPF everyday.  However, there may be another step to take to ensure that you are protecting your skin properly.  You  may actually need to add a few things to your daily diet.  Foods such as tomato paste and flavanoid rich cocoa have demonstrated that they specifically aid in protecting the skin from sun damage.  Several clinical studies provide evidence that eating foods that are dense in antioxidants internally fortify the skin and increase its ability to become more tolerant to ultraviolet (UV) exposure.

Eating antioxidant rich foods will never replace the need for using sunscreen everyday.  However, consuming antioxidant rich foods can take sun protection to a level that’s more than skin deep.  To learn more about the clinical studies that have been done CLICK HERE.

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