Most people consider processed pre-packaged food as unhealthy junk food. But have you ever thought the same could apply to your beauty products?  Processed cosmetics could be considered junk skin foods.

Just as eating processed foods adversely effect your health; there are also adverse consequences from using junk skin foods.Junk skin foods are beauty products that contain synthetic chemicals that have been linked to serious health issues such as fertility problems and even cancer. The healthy alternative is to use beauty products freshly made from wholesome ingredients. Choose the homemade and the fresh over the preserved and processed.

Sevananda Beauty Watch Class Ms Toi

Sevananda Natural Foods Market 467 Moreland Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30307

Not exactly sure how to make your own healthy beauty products?  Join me on January 26, 2013 from 12-2pm EST at Sevananda Natural Foods Market for Six Tips to Survive Your Morning Shower.

The class will feature a hands-on opportunity to learn how to make some simple beauty products such as natural deodorant and natural whitening toothpaste.  You will also learn the toxic ingredients to avoid in your beauty products and how to make safer choices when shopping.

Unable to attend?  Be sure to subscribe to the Lilikoi Looks YouTube Channel for easy to follow healthy beauty tutorials.

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